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Delta Chi International Chapter Meeting

Did you miss Delta Chi's second international teleconference on 1/29/14? Listen to this audio file to learn about the exciting things happening at Delta Chi and The Delta Chi Educational Foundation!

Alcohol Skills Training Program

The Alcohol Skills Training Program, or ASTP, is an alcohol education program that utilizes motivational enhancement techniques to reduce the risks associated with alcohol consumption to students and chapters. Read More

Are you a Delta Chi "Nut"??

Do you find its history interesting? Did you know that in a 1940 letter Albert T. Wilkinson, Delta Chi's first initiate. wrote that John M. Gorham was the Cornell Chapter's first president? That pre-dates Owen Lincoln Potter's being elected as Delta Chi Fraternity's first "AA" (then entitled "President") in April 1891.

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Hands Across the Centuries
A History of the Delta Chi Fraternity
1890 - 2012

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Delta Chi's Strategic Plan

Delta Chi officially commenced its strategic planning initiative in August of 2011, with the goal of impacting thousands of members for years to come. An organization doesn’t simply begin a strategic planning initiative on a whim, though.

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New Associate Members

Reported to Delta Chi HQ as of April 11, 2014:

Abracadabra 13, Adelphi 9, Alabama 41, Alberta 4, American 20, Appalachian State 26, Arizona 26, Arizona State 43, Auburn 22, Augusta 32, Behrend 14, Binghamton 14, Bowling Green 25, Bryant 11, Cal Poly 69, California-PA 7, Case Western 16, Central Michigan 3, Central Missouri 19, Clemson 25, Cornell 8, Corpus Christi 21, Cortland 26, Davis 17, Denison 11, Duquesne 9, East Carolina 22, East Stroudsburg 11, Eastern Illinois 5, Eastern Washington 14, Embry-Riddle 24, Florida 69, Florida State 19, Fredonia 25, Fullerton 33, Gannon 6, George Mason 32, Georgia Southern 15, Georgia Tech 38, Gorham State 8, Hobart 14, Hofstra 8, Huntsville 8, Illinois 47, Illinois State 47, Indiana 44, Iowa 34, Iowa State 19, Jacksonville State 16, James Madison 20, Johnstown 10, Kansas 36, Kansas State 34, Kettering-A 11, Kennesaw 6, LSU 8, Lake Forest 18, Lehigh 4, Livingston 7, Long Beach 21, Louisiana Tech 34, Mankato 14, Marquette 31, Marshall 17, Maryland 26, Massachusetts 24, Miami 39, Michigan 28, Michigan State 29, Minnesota 19, Mississippi State 15, Missouri 52, Missouri State 2,Montclair 3, New Haven 27, North Alabama 12, Northern Arizona 47, Northern Colorado 12, Northern Illinois 31, Northwest Missouri 2, Northwestern 23, Ohio State 8, Oklahoma 7, Oregon State 16, Oshkosh 5, Penn State 38, Pittsburgh 40, Purdue 35, Radford 20, Rhode Island 22, Riverside 23, Rutgers 15, Sacramento 30, South Dakota State 20, South Florida 53, Southeast Missouri 15, Southern California 27, Southern Illinois 15, Spring Hill 16, Stephen F. Austin 10, Syracuse 13, Tarleton 9, Texas 18, Texas Tech 31, Tri-State 16, Troy State 26, Truman State 23, USP 5, Valdosta 12, Virginia Commonwealth 30, Washburn 5, Washington 23, Washington State 18, West Chester 27, West Georgia 24, Whitewater 16, William and Mary 19, Wilmington 8, Windsor 15, and Wisconsin 6.

Note: Delta Chi only accepts AM reports that are officially submitted by the "C" (with names) in the CMR under item #2. All other claims will be treated as unsubstantiated. If your new AMs are not listed, or the number is listed incorrect (likely due to partial reporting), please inform your "C".

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Attention House Corporation Presidents, Alumni Board of Trustees Presidents, and "BB"s:

As a result of increasing student housing demands and questions regarding the Fraternity's housing stock, the staff has developed a housing survey that, when all information is collected, will give the Fraternity a valuable insight into its current housing needs. By evaluating this data, Delta Chi will be better able to serve our chapters, colonies, and house corporations with support material and advice on our growing housing concerns. In addition, this information will allow Delta Chi to accurately portray its compliance with new housing policies (namely fire sprinklers), and add to our support of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) and College Fire Prevention Act currently in Congress.

The link below will take you directly to the survey.

Please review the PDF file as well in case you are unsure if your chapter/colony has submitted the survey

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Letter from Founder A.D. Stillman: March 20, 1934.

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Working with the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Delta Chi now has our very own donation page. By using the link to this page, which features our logo, Delta Chi will be assured that every donation made on this page will be counted towards our Convention goal. 100% of all dollars raised goes directly to research. The current goal is $150,000 by the 2012 Convention. Please note there is a field on the page where donors may enter a chapter name, so that your chapter or colony will get credit! Make sure to let donors know!"

You could save hundreds on car insurance.

The Brotherhood of a Lifetime Are you interested in joining Delta Chi but not sure about how recruitment works on your campus? For recruitment information, more...


The Delta Chi Fraternity wants to identify brothers who are serving or who have served in the military in a *combat zone*. All wars and conflicts are eligible. So far the names of 220 Men of Delta at War have been recorded. The goal is to identify every brother.

If anyone knows of a Brother at War please send his name and email address to

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