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Formal and informal recruitment

Formal and informal recruitmentThere are two distinct recruitment processes for most fraternities: formal recruitment or "rush," and informal recruitment. Informal recruitment is as simple as making friends on campus who a member thinks would be valuable additions to his chapter, introducing them to other members and eventually to a few of the chapter's events, and asking them if they would like to be members. If a Delta Chi has asked you if you would be interested in joining, take that as a compliment that he thinks highly of you and wishes for you to have the quality fraternity experience he has enjoyed to that point.

Informal recruitment is year-round and may even involve contacting men who are still in high school and plan to attend the members' college or university. It's never too early for you to start looking into joining a fraternity, even if college is a year or two away.

Formal recruitment, or "rush," is typically organized by the university or by the Interfraternity Council (IFC). Events and activities that enable men like yourself who are interested in joining campus fraternities to learn more about the chapters on that campus and meet their members are coordinated on campus and in the Greek community.

Formal recruitment is typically a one or two-week period at the beginning of each academic term. Generally, you will be given the opportunity to visit with the members of the chapter on campus. Many of the chapters will have special events planned to showcase their chapters and to get to know you as a person. Formal recruitment allows you to get to know the members and ask questions about Greek life all in one concise time period.

If you are unsure what sort of recruitment system the fraternities at your university use, please contact the Office of Greek Affairs or Student Life Office (or similar student service office) for more information.

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