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Delta Chi Chapters and Colonies

All Chapters and Colonies that have provided approved website links are listed below alphabetically by state/province. Delta Chi's normal procedure is to name its Chapters after the institution where they are chartered. Occasionally an institution will change its name, and the Chapter will request to retain its original charter name or to amend its name as well. The California Chapter was renamed the Abracadabra Chapter after Delta Chi merged with the Abracadabra local fraternity at the University of California, Berkeley.

Each state/province is assigned to a specific region.

Chapter/Colony College/University Chartered
Alabama Alabama - Region VIII
Alabama University of Alabama 1927
Auburn Auburn University 1951
Huntsville University of Alabama, Huntsville 1977
Jacksonville State Jacksonville State University 1968
Livingston University of West Alabama 1967
North Alabama University of North Alabama 2010
Spring Hill Spring Hill College 2013
Troy State Troy State University 1966
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada - Region I
Alberta University of Alberta 1997
Arizona Arizona - Region II
Arizona University of Arizona 1925
Arizona State Arizona State University 1949
Northern Arizona Northern Arizona University 1959
California California - Region II
Abracadabra University of California, Berkeley 1910
Cal Poly California Polytechnical State University 1970
Davis University of California, Davis 1993
Fullerton California State University, Fullerton 1967
Hayward California State University, Hayward 1990
Long Beach California State University, Long Beach 1968
Sacramento California State University, Sacramento 1971
Southern California University of Southern California 1910
Colorado Colorado - Region IV
Northern Colorado University of Northern Colorado 1984
Connecticut Connecticut - Region VII
New Haven University of New Haven 1981
District of Columbia District of Columbia - Region IX
American American University 1992
Florida Florida - Region VIII
Embry-Riddle Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 1972
Florida University of Florida 1926
Florida State Florida State University 1961
South Florida University of South Florida 2000
Georgia Georgia - Region VIII
Augusta Augusta State University 1983
Georgia Southern Georgia Southern University 1968
Georgia Tech Georgia Institute of Technology 1991
Kennesaw State Kennesaw State University 2010
Valdosta Valdosta State University 1968
West Georgia State University of West Georgia 2005
Illinois Illinois - Region V
Eastern Illinois Eastern Illinois University 1967
Illinois University of Illinois, Champaign 1923
Illinois State Illinois State University 1973
Lake Forest Lake Forest College 1950
Northern Illinois Northern illinois University 1989
Northwestern Northwestern University 1893
Southern Illinois Southern Illinois University 1955
Indiana Indiana - Region V
Indiana Indiana Unversity 1925
Purdue Purdue University 1927
Tri-State Tri-State University 1969
Iowa Iowa - Region IV
Iowa University of Iowa 1912
Kansas Kansas - Region IV
Kansas University of Kansas 1923
Kansas State Kansas State University 1964
Washburn Washburn University 2008
Louisiana Louisiana - Region III
Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech University 1987
L.S.U. Louisiana State University 1941
Maine Maine - Region VII
Gorham State University of Southern Maine 1969
Maryland Maryland - Region IX
Maryland University of Maryland 1990
Maryland Massachusetts - Region VII
Massachusetts University of Massachusetts Amherst 1969
Michigan Michigan - Region VI
Central Michigan Central Michigan University 1988
Kettering-A Kettering University 1998
Kettering-B Kettering University 1998
Michigan University of Michigan 1892
Michigan State Michigan State University 1935
Western Michigan Western Michigan University 1955
Minnesota Minnesota - Region IV
Mankato Minnesota State University 1992
Minnesota University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 1892
Mississippi Mississippi - Region VIII
Mississippi State Mississippi State University 1964
Missouri Missouri - Region IV
Central Missouri Central Missouri State University 1971
Missouri University of Missouri, Columbia 1951
Missouri State Missouri State University 1986
Northwest Missouri Northwest Missouri State University 1971
Southeast Missouri Southeast Missouri State University 1977
Truman State Truman State University 1978
Nevada Nevada - Region II
New Jersey New Jersey - Region VII
Montclair Montclair State University 1990
Rutgers Rutgers State University of New Jersey 1999
New York New York - Region VII
Cornell Cornell University 1890
Cortland SUNY Cortland 2007
Fredonia State University College, Fredonia 1991
Fredonia Chapter reassigned by the Board of Regents to Region IX at the request of the chapter.
Hamilton Hamilton College 2011
Hobart Hobart College 1948
Hofstra Hofstra University 2008
Syracuse Syracuse University 1899
North Carolina North Carolina - Region IX
Appalachian State Appalachian State University 1986
Appalachian State Chapter reassigned by the Board of Regents to Region VIII at the request of the chapter.
Charlotte University of North Carolina, Charlotte 2013
East Carolina East Carolina University 1992
Wilmington University of North Carolina Wilmington 2011
Ohio Ohio - Region VI
Bowling Green Bowling Green State University 1998
Case Western Reserve Case Western Reserve University 2012
Denison Denison University 1969
Miami Miami University 1932
Ohio State Ohio State University 1902
Oklahoma Oklahoma - Region III
Oklahoma University of Oklahoma 1927
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada - Region VI
Windsor University of Windsor 1971
Oregon Oregon - Region I
Oregon State Oregon State University 1931
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania - Region IX
Behrend Pennsylvania State University, Erie-Behrend College 1990
California Univ-PA California University of Pennsylvania 1974
Duquesne Duquesne University 1994
East Stroudsburg East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania 2010
Gannon Gannon University 1971
Johnstown University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown 1972
Lehigh Lehigh University 1952
Penn State Pennsylvania State University, State College 1929
Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh 2005
West Chester West Chester University of Pennsylvania 1996
USP University of the Sciences in Philadelphia 2011
Rhode Island Rhode Island - Region VII
Bryant Bryant College 1990
Rhode Island University of Rhode Island 2005
South Carolina South Carolina - Region VIII
Clemson Clemson University 1990
South Dakota South Dakota - Region IV
South Dakota State South Dakota State University 2004
Texas Texas - Region III
Corpus Christi Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi 2010
Stephen F Austin Stephen F. Austin State University 2002
Tarleton Tarleton State University 1988
Texas University of Texas, Austin 1907
Texas Tech Texas Tech University 1983
Virginia Virginia - Region IX
George Mason George Mason University 2008
Radford Radford University 1997
Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Commonwealth University 1991
William & Mary College of William and Mary 2005
Washington Washington - Region I
Eastern Washington Eastern Washington University 1984
Washington University of Washington 1908
Washington State Washington State University 1943
West Virginia West Virginia - Region VI
Marshall Marshall University 2009
Wisconsin Wisconsin - Region V
Marquette Marquette University 1977
Whitewater University of Wisconsin - Whitewater 1970