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Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapters

Delta Chi alumni chapters are recognized, voting groups consisting of alumni from various chapters and colonies organized in a particular geographic area or city. They provide an opportunity for area alumni to be involved with Delta Chi, and to socialize and network with brothers even if they live hundreds of miles from their initiating chapter or colony. Alumni chapters range in size from ten to more than 100 members.

Arizona Valley – Chapter “A”: Hubert “Trey” Granger

Arkansas – Chapter “A”: Brian Williams

Atlanta – Chapter “A”: Jon Sattler

Baton Rouge – Chapter “A”: Jonathan Kloor

Boston Area – Chapter “A”: Darrell McTague

Cape Fear Area – Chapter “A”: Douglas Chananie

Capital Area – Chapter “A”: Jason Michael Walker

Charlotte – Chapter “A”: James Baggatta

Chicago Area – Chapter “A”: Newell F. Bentley III

Colorado Front Range – Chapter “A”: William Peffer

Columbus – Chapter “A”: Erik Hail

Connecticut Area – Chapter “A”: Mark Fitzgerald

Greater Wisconsin – Chapter “A”: Alan Udell

Houston Area – Chapter “A”: Mark Hale

Kansas City Area – Chapter “A”: Joshua Baker

Las Vegas – Chapter “A”: Charles Connor

Los Angeles – Chapter “A”: Joshua Klein

Memphis – Chapter “A”: Austin Watts

Monongahela Valley – Chapter “A”: Vance Keslar

Nashville – Chapter “A”: Andrew Ward

Northeast Ohio – Chapter “A”: Steven Bossart

Orange County – Chapter “A”: Edwin Alarid

Philadelphia Area – Chapter “A”: Steven Tambon

Rio Grande – Chapter “A”: Andrew Haggerty

Sacramento Area – Chapter “A”: John Shelby

San Antonio – Chapter “A”: Cody Wittman

San Diego – Chapter “A”: Edward Chew

Seattle – Chapter “A”: Lucas Wunsch

St. Louis – Chapter “A”: Jim Sheahan

Tallahassee/Capitol Area – Chapter “A”:

Tampa Bay Area – Chapter “A”: Benjamin Dundas

Tennessee Valley – Chapter “A”: Will Elliott

Three Rivers – Chapter “A”: Jason Frampton

Troy Area – Chapter “A”: George Kelly

Twin Cities Area – Chapter “A”: Matthew Johnson

West Virginia – Chapter “A”: Dr. Matthew Richardson

Windsor/Detroit – Chapter “A”: Jeffrey Gerard

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The range of alumni chapter events is vast, but there are a few general staples for a successful alumni chapter including:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly meetings
  • Sporting events (group ticket discounts are great)
  • Golf outings and tournaments
  • Picnics and family trips to amusement parks
  • “Welcome” BBQs for alumni new to the area
  • Résumé workshops and interviewing tips
  • Friday afternoon lunches
  • Little league coaching or sponsorships
  • Road trips to away games
  • Community service and civic events
  • Alumni ceremonies
  • Events with nearby undergraduate chapters or other fraternity/sorority alumni chapters in the area
  • Many more!