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Awards & Recognition

Each year, Delta Chi recognizes our collegiate chapters/colonies, alumni chapters, members, and friends for the amazing things they do on campus, in the Fraternity, in their careers, and in society at large.

Awards are presented during the International Convention on even years and announced virtually on non-Convention years. Award descriptions, details, and application processes can be found below.

Help recognize outstanding undergraduate members, alumni, volunteers, and friends of Delta Chi. Please use the following form to submit one individual for consideration of an award. Please feel free to submit this form multiple times if you have multiple nominations.


Eligibility: Award recipients will be notified during the Convention. Chapters and colonies currently on any level of Corrective Action or found in violation of a Corrective Action that took place during the 2019-2020 academic year are not eligible for Composite Awards corresponding to that year. Corrective Action does not affect the eligibility of individual and alumni awards.

  • Example: The Alpha Alpha Chapter was placed on Level 1 Corrective Action in the Fall 2019 semester and was released 12/31/19. They completed all sanctions and had no further violations; they are composite award eligible.

Divisions: Delta Chi awards core competency and composite awards based on operational, academic and personal excellence within two divisions, Red and Buff, based on the number of chapters and the percentage of the fraternity population on their campus. The Red Division includes campuses with 15 or more fraternity chapters or higher than a 30% fraternity population. The Buff Division consists of campuses with less than 15 chapters or below 30% fraternity membership. The chapters/colonies within each division are reevaluated each year.

The Alumni Chapter must be in good standing with Delta Chi Headquarters to be eligible to receive any award. Eligibility is based upon an Alumni Chapter’s submission of fees and annual reports. Awards offered to Alumni Chapters include:

  • Chicago Cup
  • Outstanding Chapter Communication
  • Outstanding Programming Events
  • Outstanding Website
  • Outstanding Chapter Member

The Chicago Cup recognizes an alumni chapter with excellence in programming, communication, and meeting the needs of its members. This award was named in honor of the very first alumni chapter chartered by Delta Chi at its Eighth International Convention in Chicago in 1902. 

Outstanding Alumni Chapter Communication recognizes an alumni chapter with exceptional communication with its members.

Outstanding Programming Events recognizes an alumni chapter for an exceptional programming event that makes a positive image of themselves while being looked upon by the community, nearby college campuses, and Delta Chi Chapters/Colonies.

Outstanding Chapter Website recognizes an alumni chapter with an outstanding website.

Outstanding Alumni Chapter Member recognizes an outstanding member of an alumni chapter.

Alumni Chapter Awards Applications can be found by logging into myDCHI and clicking on the FORMS tab. Please contact with any issues logging in, or any questions.

2020-21 Awards Cycle

Each chapter/colony “A” was required to designate a chapter member/officer responsible for completing the collegiate awards application through Lessonly, the Fraternity’s eLearning Platform. If you would like to know who that person is, or if you would like your awards packet reassigned to someone else, please email with that person’s full name and email address. Reassignments will not be completed past April 18, 2021 (one week in advance of the awards deadline).

Core Competency Awards

Collegiate chapters/colonies are evaluated upon their standard operating procedures and awarded a certificate of “Achievement,” a certificate of “Excellence,” or a certificate of “Excellence with Distinction” in each of these qualifying areas:

Promote Friendship
Includes the following areas of chapter operations: Recruitment & Retention, Brotherhood, Alumni & Family Engagement, Ritual

Develop Character
Includes the following areas of chapter operations: Philanthropy, Service, Public Relations, Community Engagement, International Fraternity Involvement

Advance Justice
Includes the following areas of chapter operations: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Health & Safety, Governance, Accountability, Financial Management, Housing (if applicable)

Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education
Includes the following areas of chapter operations: Scholarship, Associate Member Education, Member Development

The Excellence with Distinction category recognizes chapter and colonies in each core competency that are exceeding standards and demonstrating mastery of the Fraternity’s standards of operational excellence.

The Excellence category denotes chapters and colonies that are meeting the fraternity’s standards of operational excellence.

The Achievement category recognizes chapters and colonies that have made significant improvements and are approaching standards in fraternity operations.

Collegiate Programming Awards

Outstanding Chapter/Colony Growth Award
This award recognizes groups that have demonstrated exceptional recruitment efforts resulting in organizational growth during the academic year.

Outstanding Chapter/Colony Program Award
This award recognizes exemplary programming promoting an enhanced fraternity experience and positive image of Delta Chi doing fraternity right.

Community Impact Award
This award recognizes chapters and colonies that have gone above and beyond to raise funds for a cause and dedicate themselves to improving their community through service initiatives.

Composite Awards

You must apply for all Core Competency Awards within the Lessonly Awards module and submit a composite narrative in order to be eligible for:

  • President’s Cup
  • Award of Excellence
  • Raymond D. Galbreth Certificate of Achievement
  • President’s Most Improved Trophy

The most esteemed and prestigious of the Chapter Composite Awards, The President’s Cup is awarded to the top chapters in each of the two divisions for overall superior performance and programming. The “AA” selects up to four chapters from the Award of Excellence category in each division.

The Award of Excellence objectively recognizes a chapter/colony for overall outstanding performance in a majority of Delta Chi’s core competencies.

The Raymond D. Galbreth Certificate of Achievement objectively recognizes a chapter/colony for demonstrating improvement in operation through attention to Delta Chi’s core competencies.  A worthy recipient chapter/colony may receive achievement in four or more core competencies. Up to four chapters/colonies from the awards submissions are eligible in each division.

The President’s Most Improved Trophy subjectively recognizes significant improvement during the academic year. The “AA” may select up to one recipient per division based on two consecutive years of core competency scores.

Note: Composite Awards recognize chapters focusing beyond the day-to-day of chapter operations, and thinking big picture about chapter culture and the member experience they provide. Successful chapters maintain a healthy relationship with stakeholders and seek to educate their communities about the values-based fraternal experience, while creating a measurable impact on member well-being, their campuses, and their communities. Composite Award-Winning Chapters have the opportunity to articulate their achievements surrounding this criteria in a narrative submitted as a part of the awards packet. 

Individual Awards

Undergraduate Only Awards

The Marge Lee Outstanding “C” Award recognizes chapter/colony “C”s who exhibit exceptional performance in all their required and recommended duties. Chapters/colonies nominate candidate(s) by a vote during a business meeting, which will be verified through the CMR (Chapter Meeting Report). A nominee must have held office for at least one full semester/quarter (by the close of this school year) and be in good standing with the Chapter/Colony. This awards was named after Marge Lee at the 2004 Convention to honor her service to the Fraternity and her relationship to Chapter and Colony “C”s.

The “E” Key Award is the oldest award given by the Fraternity and seeks to recognize chapter/colony “E”s for their exceptional performance of all communicative duties. Chapters/colonies may nominate candidate(s) by a vote during a business meeting, which will be verified through the CMR (Chapter Meeting Report). Nominees will be evaluated based on their Quarterly submissions, including “Campus Scene”, narratives, Farewell/Parting material, Keeping in Touch material, and contact information updates with the International Headquarters. Both timeliness and quality of content are weighted in consideration for this award. Award recipients will be presented with a traditional pocket watch key featuring the badge with red enamel.

Each chapter and colony selects one Chapter Luminary every year to be recognized in the Quarterly. The Chapter/Colony chooses the recipient because he best exemplifies the ideals of Delta Chi and for his overall involvement with the Chapter/Colonies, campus and community. Chapter/colonies may nominate candidate(s) by a vote during a business meeting, which will be verified through the CMR (Chapter Meeting Report).

The Outstanding Chapter Officer Award recognizes any officer or chairman who has gone above and beyond to not only deliver on their position responsibilities, but to demonstrate proactive leadership and exceeds expectations in their position. The Chapter/Colony may nominate no more than two officers by a vote during a business meeting, which will be verified through the CMR. 

Service to the Fraternal Movement

The Outstanding Chapter Advisor award is designed to recognize an outstanding advisor for a chapter or colony for a specific, exceptional act of service during the previous academic year. The award will recognize individuals for their ability to strategically impact an undergraduate chapter or colony. Faculty Advisors, “BB”s, live-in advisors, ABTs, or Housing Corporation members are eligible.
A Meritorious Service Award (MSA) is given to an alumnus who makes significant contributions to Delta Chi as a “BB”, ABT member, House Corporation member, general Fraternity committee member, Regent, Vice-Regent, or staff member. Recipients must be a member of Delta Chi. Services rendered as an undergraduate do not qualify a member for this award. An alumnus who has received this award within the last five years is not eligible to be considered for it again in the same position. However, an alumnus who holds multiple positions in Delta Chi may be eligible for service in difference capacities. (i.e. Someone received an MSA in 2008 for service to the North/South Chapter could receive an award in 2009 for service to the East/West Colony, but could not receive an award to the North/South Chapter for five years).

The Richard N. McKaig Outstanding Greek Professional Award recognizes one student affairs professional each year for their exceptional service to the Greek Community. Nominees must be a student affairs professional who have given exceptional service to an institute. Recipients are typically campus-based professionals. Richard McKaig’s (Ball State ’66) devotion and commitment to the college Fraternity is acknowledged by all.  A graduate of Ball State University and a loyal member of Delta Chi, Dick is known by his contemporaries as the “Fraternal Dean.”  This award was renamed for him in 2009 to coincide with his retirement from Indiana University and to honor his exceptional service.

The John J. Kuhn Award is designed to recognize individuals who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the fraternity community.

  • It recognizes accomplishments and contributions of individuals within the fraternity and sorority world regardless of affiliation. 
  • Qualified candidates will have served the Fraternity/Sorority community at large.
  • Involvement on national/international level preferred. For example: involvement with a Fraternity or Sorority HQ, AFA, speaker/researcher/trendsetter, Umbrella Organizations (NIC, NPHC).

The John J. Kuhn Award was created in 1992 by the Delta Chi Board of Regents to recognize individuals who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the fraternity community.  The award is one of the most prestigious awards that the Fraternity offers.  The award is named after Delta Chi’s first North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) President, a past “AA” of the Fraternity, and dedicated contributor to the efforts and endeavors of the fraternity movement within and beyond Delta Chi.

For Service to Society at Large

The Valor Award recognizes special acts of heroism on the part of any member of Delta Chi who puts his own life in peril. To qualify for this award, an individual must have rendered heroic service, well documented, above and beyond simply membership in a uniformed and structured organization (i.e. state troopers, police officers, firefighters and military personnel), where his actions place his own life in peril or potential peril while attempting to save the life of another.
The Humanitarian Award is presented to a Delta Chi (undergraduate or alumnus) who, through his actions, exemplifies the ideals of Delta Chi and promotes the welfare of another person or persons.
The Distinguished Delta Chi award recognizes significant achievement in a alumnus’ profession or outstanding civic service while upholding the values and ideals of the Fraternity.

The Delta Chi of the Year designation recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in such a manner that their peers recognize them across the United States, Canada and/or the world. Their contributions to Delta Chi are not a criteria of this award.

An eligible nominee for Delta Chi of the Year is an alumnus who has made a significant contribution to:

  • Medicine, humanities, law or science; or
  • Exceptional and publicly recognized service to mankind in a civic or humanitarian manner; or
  • Exemplary success in business or industry at the senior executive level; or
  • Outstanding achievement as a military officer; or
  • Great achievement in the executive, legislative or judicial branch of government; or
  • Outstanding accomplishment in amateur or professional sports.