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Delta Chi Announces Location of New Headquarters in Indianapolis

IOWA CITY, IOWA – The Executive Director of The Delta Chi Fraternity, Jerod Breit, is excited to announce the relocation of the International Headquarters (IHQ) to Indianapolis, Indiana, effective August 17, 2019.  The Fraternity has completed the purchase of a property located at 3845 North Meridian in Indianapolis with a closing date of August 1, 2019.

“The journey to locate a new home for our International Headquarters has come to an end with this announcement and I could not be more excited for our future,” Breit said.  “Our new home is spacious, conveniently located, and will house our first museum showcasing our memorabilia and artifacts highlighting our history and our pride in Delta Chi.  A destination for our undergraduate members and alumni to travel to or stop by is important to us, and this location allows for that. I am proud that our new home will be available to all who wish to see it.”

The new Headquarters will provide Staff with over 10,000 square feet of office space, roughly triple the amount at 314 Church Street in Iowa City.  The new property will provide adequate working space for the IHQ staff, the Delta Chi Educational Foundation (DCEF) and the museum.  Some minor façade work will be completed so visitors can clearly recognize the building as the Delta Chi International Headquarters, while the interior of the property was recently updated and the property is being bought fully furnished.

“Our history is vital to our continued knowledge and connection to our beloved Fraternity.  314 Church Street will forever be a part of that.  We will continue to celebrate our past by ensuring it is properly featured with an electronic 3-D walk-through available at the new offices so that the memories so many shared of IHQ will live on.”

“Moving headquarter cities happens but a few times in a fraternity’s lifetime,” Aaron Otto “AA”, 53rd International President, said.  “This will be just the second owned headquarters property in the Fraternity’s nearly 130 years of existence.  We are very excited about this new location that matches the needs of our current and future staffs.  At the same time, we are taking a moment to gratefully reflect on the more than 75 years we have been headquartered in Iowa City and each of the incredible individuals who have served on staff.  We would not be the fraternity we are today without their dedication to our organization.”

On October 26, 2018, the Fraternity announced its official plans to relocate to Indianapolis.  The announcement followed more than a year of research and discussion by an ad hoc committee established by 53rd “AA”, Aaron Otto, to assess the need and vet possibilities for a new location.  Indianapolis was selected due to a decreased average cost of living, cheaper flight options to a larger array of cities, its number three ranking as a city millennials can afford and want to live in, and more.  It currently plays host to the NCAA Headquarters, more than 40 Greek organizations (including more than 30 fraternities), and the North American Interfraternity Conference.  

“The team is looking forward to the working efficiencies the new office space will provide,” Associate Executive Director Aaron Wilson said.  “Equally important, access to fraternal peers, being local for most industry conferences, and improved travel options will only increase the value staff can return to our chapters and alumni.”

Additional information will be made available in the coming days.

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