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Growth & Expansion

Growth & Expansion

At Delta Chi, you have the opportunity to become the man you were meant to be. Delta Chi believes in developing the whole person and helping our men become better people, not just better Delta Chis who are committed to making an impact on the world around them. We cultivate inclusive environments for any person who self-identifies as a man, who reflects and lives our values of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. It’s through these values that our members become men of action and grow to become the best version of themselves while living, leading, and growing each day with integrity.


Expansion is the process of starting a new chapter or reestablishing old chapters in an effort to grow the Fraternity and offer more students an opportunity to have a positive fraternal experience.

Typically, expansion falls into three categories:

  • Interest Group: An interest group is comprised of a number of men who are interested in bringing Delta Chi to campus.
  • Local Fraternity Affiliation: A local campus fraternity contacts Delta Chi seeking to merge with our organization.
  • Cold Start: The most common type of expansion for Delta Chi is a Cold Start. Either Delta Chi or an institution expresses interest in starting or reestablishing a chapter of Delta Chi on campus.

Once a campus has been identified as a potential expansion site, Fraternity expansion staff works to build a partnership with the institution in order to further determine if Delta Chi is a good fit and determine a potential timeline for expansion. This process can take months or even years in order to get everything aligned and scheduled.

Delta Chi is very intentional when prospecting or considering campuses for expansion. Our expansion staff considers a number of factors, including:

  • Institution Support
  • Alumni Support
  • Student Population
  • Campus Culture
  • Growth Trends
  • Current Health of the Fraternity Community
  • Housing
  • Past History on Campus (if applicable)
  • Overall Timing
  • Alignment with Delta Chi
  • Interest Group (if applicable)

Delta Chi takes great pride in our expansion process and is proud to say that our expansion program is one of the best in the interfraternal world. In fact, more than half of our chapters were established within the last 25 years. We credit our success to five key factors:

  1. Optimal Rate of Expansion: Noting the significant resources needed to properly establish a new colony, we choose to limit the number of expansions each year to 6 (3 per semester) so as not to compromise the quality of support given to each expansion. As a result, the Fraternity is able to provide an extraordinary amount of time and resources to our expansions and colonies.
  1. Dedicated Support: We believe in unwavering support both before colonization begins and after the initial recruitment is complete. With this in mind, Delta Chi dedicates a total of 11 weeks onsite for each of its expansions. This allows our staff to recruit members as well as oversee member education, lead officer selection and training, and assist with colony operations. The Director of Fraternity Growth oversees each of our expansions from start to finish and provides onsite support as needed.
  1. High Standards: Average is not our goal; it’s our starting point. Whether it’s the standards we use for recruiting Founding Fathers or the expectations we set for our new colonies, Delta Chi strives to raise the bar in all that we do.
  1. Ritual is Introduced From the Start: Delta Chi differs from other international fraternities of similar size and reputation, in that all colony members (including Founding Fathers) are initiated prior to chartering. Typically, a Founding Father class will be initiated within the same academic term of the colonization. This allows our core founding group to be more invested in their organization, fully understand what it means to be a member of the Fraternity, and achieve chapter status more quickly.
  1. Founding Father Program: It is expected that Founding Fathers will have a unique experience compared to their peers that join more established chapters. They are given the opportunity and responsibility to create and develop a new organization – which is no easy task. Therefore, Delta Chi has developed a Founding Father Program that is specifically designed to address the needs of our colony and speak to the experiences of these new members. This program adds an extra level of development and helps them explore the key ingredients to developing a successful chapter.

Delta Chi expects a great deal from our colonies, because each one of them has the opportunity to impact its campus Fraternity and Sorority Community as well as the larger Fraternity. However, we are committed to providing the necessary support and training that will allow our colonies to be successful and quickly integrate into the community while enhancing the fraternity experience.

Each colony is expected to meet our colony standards in order to charter. Receiving the Charter, while a very important landmark, should only be a milestone rather than an end-goal. A simple way to think about the chartering process is that when a colony acts like a chapter, it becomes one. In an effort to reduce the time and energy required by colonies to create lengthy chartering petitions, Delta Chi, in partnership with our campus partners, developed our eight colony standards. This new model has allowed Delta Chi to have an average chartering rate of 12 to 18 months. It has also proven to reduce the likelihood of a new chapter experiencing any “post-chartering complacency.”

Our Colony Standards are:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Risk Management
  4. Membership Development
  5. Community Awareness
  6. Service/Philanthropy
  7. Alumni & Parent Engagement
  8. Chapter Management

As part of these colony standards, each colony develops a strategic vision that includes the colony’s local mission, vision, and 1-3-5 year goals. Our Director of Fraternity Growth oversees the chartering process along with the aid of a Chartering Chair (colony member) and local alumni volunteers.

Being a Founding Father is a unique opportunity where you will have the ability to build your own positive experience and leave a legacy for those who will become members in the years after you graduate. Rather than adapt to a culture that does not align with your beliefs, you have the freedom and responsibility to help shape the direction of a new colony on your campus. In addition to the numerous programs offered at an international level, there are a number of leadership opportunities available beginning in the first term, and you have a chance to help bring positive change to the entire Greek community at your campus through living our core values each day.