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I Am A:

Operations Resources

The Member Resources page provides all officers with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their day-to-day operations. This page includes information for officer transitioning, 60-day checklists to help newly elected officers, BRIEFs, executive board resources, and more.

Seven Step Officer Transition Process

Step 1: Officer On-Boarding Series – Part 1 (online)

All undergraduate member interested in running for the “B” and the “C” can access the two-part Officer On-Boarding Series by CLICKING HERE. The course should take no more than 10 minutes.

Note: In order to log into the course, you will need to use the same email address you have on file with Delta Chi International Headquarters.

Step 2: Outgoing Officers prepare to train incoming officers

All outgoing officers should complete the Outgoing Officer Guide. This will help the outgoing officer gather their thoughts and prepare for the 1:1 meeting with the Incoming Officer.


Step 3: Incoming Officers prepare to take on their new position

All incoming officers should complete the Incoming Officer Guide to brainstorm and prepare for the 1:1 meeting with the outgoing officer.


Step 4: Officer On-Boarding Series – Part 2 (Online)
Once the outgoing “C” reports the incoming “B” and “C” to Vault, they will receive an email to complete the second part of the Officer On-Boarding Series. This course will take between 10 – 20 minutes to complete, depending on the position.

Step 5: The outgoing officer and incoming officer have a one-on-one meeting(s)
This meeting should take place between the outgoing and incoming officer; they should use the 1:1 Officer Transition Meeting Guide as a reference.


Note: If the chapter/colony would prefer for the transition meetings you take place at one time, the “A” should coordinate a meeting time where both outgoing and incoming officers are present.

Step 6: Incoming Officer Retreat

The “A” should plan a retreat for the incoming officer retreat. This should take place prior to the start of the next quarter/semester. The purpose the retreat should be to set both short and long-term goals for the chapter. The “BB” and Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) should be involved in the retreat.

Looking for retreat activities? Consider using the Brotherhood Building Resources from the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC).

Step 7: Leadership Programming from IHQ

All Executive Board Members (with the exception of the “A”) should attend their respective Officer Track at the Regional Leadership Conference. The “A” is expected to register and attend for A’s Academy. To register, log into MYDCHI and follow the registration prompts.

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60-Day Checklists

Below are 60-day Check Lists for lettered officers and several chairman positions. While these check lists are not meant to be an exhaustive list to govern your entire term, it can get you started on the tasks you will need to complete during your first 60 days in office.

“A” 60-Day Checklist

“B” 60-Day Checklist

“C” 60-Day Checklist

“D” 60-Day Checklist

“E” 60-Day Checklist

“F” 60-Day Checklist

AMC 60-Day Checklist

Philanthropy Chair 60-Day Checklist

Recruitment Chair 60-Day Checklist

Scholarship Chair 60-Day Checklist