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Thank You from the 2022 Graduating Seniors


As part of Senior Send Off Week, several graduating collegiate members took time to thank someone who has had an invaluable impact on them.

Person ThankedGraduating MemberChapterQuote
Alex McNallyNick HassaAlbertaMy Big Brother (& fellow senior member of the Alberta chapter). Got me into the fraternity and supported me the whole time.
Mitch GirlingRowan LeyAlbertaI’ve been really busy with work outside the chapter, but Mitch always went out of his way to still make me feel included and welcome. He was a great leader for the chapter in a really tough two years, and stuck it out when most people wouldn’t have wanted the job
Augusta ChapterAmador LandaverdeAugustaThroughout my 5 years in Delta Chi I can certainly say that without this Brotherhood I would not be the person I am today. It’s helped me and dividends and would be selfish to only thank one person. Laurel to the entire chapter.
Chase MauerJJ DeFazioCal PolyChase was my AMC and helped me through the associate member process immensely but also provided me with great counsel and advice on life in general.
Ross DickneiteJake MorganCentral MissouriWhen I was a Freshman, Ross was someone we all looked up to when joining Delta Chi. I will always remember when he told me he knew I was special and would do something great after college. I think about that day a lot and have worked hard knowing I am capable of doing great things. He was a hard worker and inspired those around him to be better.
Ross DickneiteJordan HerzingCentral MissouriOne of first to tell me about DChi and the brotherhood
Josh BakerWyatt SchmidtCentral MissouriBaker is our chapter BB. He has always done a great job of encouraging me and other members to pursue committee and executive board positions. He brings a solid foundation to our chapter and his word is held in high regard. I look forward to keeping in contact with baker after graduation.
Sam LowthorpKevin KammChicoThis brother has made the first 3 years of my time as a brother of Delta Chi worth it in every way. From the camping trips he planned to the large tasks of completing the renovations and deconstruction and construction of our brand new chapter house. Sam Lowthorp led in every way possible to ensure that we came together as brothers. I can say I have gained a life long best friend and brother.
Jesse TaylorBrian RogersClemsonJesse Taylor had served as our president and alumni chair for a temporary time period within the chapter. He is a very welcoming and caring individual. I can honestly say that one of the reasons I had decided to pursue rushing a fraternity and wanting to be a part of the Delta Chi brotherhood at Clemson University was due in part of people like Jesse and his overall character. I cannot say there are many people who care more about the Clemson chapter currently like Jesse does. He is always there for you for encouragement and with welcoming arms. He is a strong leader and polished young man which most people could only hope to be at his age and at his stage in his professional life.
Dave HartmanHervey NaJeraColorado StateAlways helping out chapter members when they needed it.
Dave HartmanAndrew MooreColorado StateTaught me many valuable lessons about leadership and Delta Chi. Helped make many memorable experiences happen through generous donations to our colony.
Kyle JohnsonConnor McHughColorado StateI met Kyle during the very first recruitment event I went to in my freshman year. Since then, he’s become my closest friend. We’ve talked about everything from memes to how to better the fraternity to plans for the future, and I am currently and will forever be grateful for him!
Alec ChismCharlie FrisbieCreightonVery cool and impactful person
Kenny WhiteMiles NovitchDenverWhile I was skeptical to join a fraternity coming into college, after meeting Kenny my entire perspective changed. He was able to show me that fraternity could be done right with a group of brothers that wants to make a difference in our community, and he convinced me to rush for Delta Chi. Without Kenny, I never would have met all the amazing people, participated in all the life-changing experiences, and had the unique and profound undergraduate experiences, as I have.
Dave JenksMarshall MarrsDenverFor grounding me, for guiding me and for making sure that our chapter is successful. Thank you Dave!
Daniel HarringtonDylan DudjakDuquesneDan worked very hard to help out the fraternity during the tough times that we faced with the pandemic. He was always kind to me and impressed me with his motivation and determination to push the chapter to be better and do better.
East Stroudsburg ChapterTrevor CampanellaEast StroudsburgAll of my brother have impacted the last 4 years of my college experience by guiding me in the right direction and having the faith in me. Each and every one of my brother have taught me many life lessons that will impact my life in the future and some way and gave me memories that will last a lifetime
Nicholas RachowiczAlex BrownEdwardsvilleHe was our Faculty advisor for the first 2 years of my time at SIUE and was always there for all the brothers no matter the cause.
Edwardsville ChapterBrandon MunieEdwardsvilleDelta Chi has shaped who I am today and I am thankful I joined to better myself.
Embry-Riddle ChapterJon YalcinkayaEmbry-RiddleAll of my brothers for encouraging me and providing opportunities
Sean LuntCooper ShapiroFlorida StateSean was paramount in helping me to connect my passion for filmmaking with the industrial powerhouse that is the Delta Chi network. As president of our chapter, he sponsored my upcoming productions and rallied our members to show out when I would present my films.
Christian DraperThomas MarcheseGeorgia TechMy big inspired my to Join Delta Chi and I can’t imagine life without it.
Jared MerenukCarter HebertGeorgia TechAs my big, he helped me to really enjoy my college experience and provided me with amazing personal and professional development opportunities.
Trevor BeachboardJames ClineGeorgia TechHe was a great mentor and friend to all.
Stephani CarroJordan CarroHaywardShe is my Mother, my biggest motivator, and my best friend all in one! Couldn’t be here today without her help.
Andy VargasGiovanni RodriguezHaywardBeing a great big, teaching me about what it means to be a brother and how to cut loose
Matt KosterTy BrookeHigh PointFirst president and did better then anyone else could have
Matt KosterMike FantomHigh PointWe wouldn’t be where we’re today if it wasn’t for Matt woking day and night every day as our first acting president.
John RodicanChristopher AitkenHobartHas frequently reached out to check in and helped me through a very stressful period last year as president of the chapter.
Hofstra ChapterNate McKayHofstraJust wanted to say thanks to all y’all!
Huntsville ChapterSebastian HozanHunstvilleEvery single brother I have had at the Huntsville chapter in my four years of college has impacted my life. Whether it be a minor impact or changing my life, they have all left their impact on my life. I am thankful to every single brother I have had and wish them the best.
Aaron OttoJonathan WalkottenHuntsvilleHe has helped me achieve many of my goals that I have had in the fraternity. He’s helped me in every way when it comes to the dedication and leadership that I have had in the fraternity. He also gave me someone to look up to and push myself to be as successful as him.
Sebastian HozanDustin CarrollHuntsvilleGood friend, leader, and tutor
Julian AcabalDavid ChenIllinoisJulian aided me tremendously throughout the undergraduate pre-medical path.
Iowa State ChapterRyan GasperIowa StateEach and every person that welcomed me in my freshman year to the chapter and all the people I have helped welcome into the Iowa State chapter during my 4 years at Iowa State. As well as all the alumni involved in the chapter. They have all made an impact on me and have helped me grow and develop myself into a soon-to-be well-rounded Delta Chi alumnus.
Nicholas PresleyJack HegemanKansasNicholas Presley showed great leadership roles within the house and outside of the house.
Travis GoffAidan HartmanKansasTravis is a DX alum of the Kansas chapter. After graduation I intend to pursue a career in athletic administration and Travis has assisted me greatly in both my personal and professional growth. It is truly inspiring to see someone that has lived in the same house as me, achieve all the goals and accolades that I aspire to accomplish.
Aaron OttoMichael Ryan SpatzKansas StateShowed me why I should be in Delta Chi
Aaron OttoJake AdamsKansas StateAaron has been with me the entire way along my undergraduate experience in Delta Chi. He has served as an exceptional role model and example of what it means to be a brother. His tireless devotion to our fraternity, both here at Kansas State and internationally, never ceases to amaze me. I am very glad to have met him and I am also eternally grateful for the wisdom he has shared with me over the years.
Nick EdwardsLane LundeenKansas StateNick has helped advise the chapter in several ways as well as being a great friend!
Cody PostlewaitRyan ManganielloKansas StateWas the best AMC a class could ask for. I will always be grateful for the leadership and guidance my first year at KSU.
Tom EdmundsJoe YosanovichKennesawHe was the ABT while I was president and did a fantastic job teaching me leadership skills.
Logan StocktonJoseph ShafferKent StateLogan was a mentor to myself well before I was a delta chi and continued to push me as a person and a brother to be the best that I could be.
Phil MoffatPeter ParsonsKettering-AMy wholehearted thanks go out to Phil for his continued assistance and guidance throughout my tenure as a student member of Delta Chi. Especially while in leadership positions, Phil was an invaluable asset, providing wisdom and advice which had been tempered by his years of experience.
Austin WidgerFlorian AssmuthKettering-AHe has been the closest and oldest friend I had at Kettering during these 4 years. He was also the person who got me to join Delta Chi.
Tom KeelQuinn PetersonKettering-BMy Big within the chapter. He has been a mentor and a friend and someone who I’ve always been able to go to for anything.
Pedro GonzalezPablo CarrilloKingsvilleHe is my big brother and just recently got his masters. Seeing that pushed me to continue my education and try my best in my schoolwork and in life in general.
Aidan CheathamJacob EilersLaTechBig bro, kept the vibes up, renaissance man.
Aidan CheathamDillon TelfordLaTechCharles, or Aidan, Cheatham was my first real friend I met at Louisiana Tech. Since then, we have been each other’s constant support and are there for each other when we need it. He’s helped me get through my darkest of times and I have helped him through his. He’s a big part of who I am today.
Aidan CheathamMatthew WinstonLittle RockHe is my best friend of 14yrs and encouraged me to join the organization when I transferred to UALR. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I thank him. He is a true brother to me and a servant to his chapter.
Martin RamosShawn AhamedLong BeachHe was my AMC during my first semester of Delta chi. He put in a lot of time and effort into our class and really made us care. He really made me fall in love with Delta Chi Long Beach.
Andy OatesEthan FlemingMarquetteConvinced me to join. Keeps in touch and consistently checks on how chapter is doing. Provided me with networking opportunities.
Michael O’ConnellBenjamin BouwhuisMarquetteWhen I was a freshman, Michael embodied what it meant to be a Delta Chi. He was my role model and continues to be a great friend and point of contact in my life.
Zev RadziwillEvan ShaffnerMinnesotaYou can basically call Zev the house uncle. Always around to help and give advice. A true supporter of me when I was housing operation specialist.
Melinda YoderGeorge YoderMississippi StateMy mom has always pushed me to be the best version of myself and has always been a shoulder to cry on. Without her support I could not be where I am today.
Alec ChismJohn GonzalesMississippi StateHe showed me what it meant to be a brother and commit yourself to the fraternity in all ways.
Sandra CampbellTom CampbellMissouriMy mom was very helpful in helping me decide what I wanted to do and supported me in any choice I made
Chucky GlockElijah BowenMissouri StateFor always being a great leader and friend!
Paul McGroartyAlec PalumboMontclairMy big bro and has helped me out constantly and we see each other all the time
Luke AndraskoCameron RousselleNorth GeorgiaHe helped me learn how to be a good chapter President so when it was my turn to take over I could succeed.
Monte JohnsonPreston SiegelOhio StateMonte has been one alumni who I feel very comfortable talking to and who I respect a lot in Delta Chi.
Lynn and Ben HillNathan HillOmahaMy parents have been an overwhelming support system for me throughout college.
Trent BehrBryan CarverOmahaHe helped me find and establish my strong work ethic.
Trent BehrJohn LiliedahlOmahaHe’s given me a great view into how life can change and how to embrace it and he’s been one of the best brothers that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know
Ethan WidderJames HartmanOregon StateHe encouraged me to run for Vice President, what was a large part of my personal development.
Andrew BreutzmannTanner NeumanOshkoshAndrew Breutzmann, UWO graduate of 2019, was the main reason I joined Delta Chi. He showed me brotherhood from the start and why I should choose Delta Chi. Fall 2018 when I joined, he quickly became my life long fishing and hunting partner and best of all my big. Even though we both are now living very different lives, we still get together and do what we love most, being outdoors, walleye fishing, trying to get that 30 incher! We’ve been close one time, knocking a monster off my line spring 2021 with the net. To this day he still feels bad about it but I was never upset about it. The important part is I got to experience hooking into a fish of that size with my big. That was really what mattered.
Justin LeeAndy DurosOshkoshHe motivates me to take risks and try new things.
Marcus GutierrezDaniel LaFortenzaRiversideMarcus is my big bro and has not only nurtured me academically, but also professionally. He has helped me grow and an individual through interpersonal skills and an advancing, open mindset.
Alpha Beta AM ClassRichard GuzmanRiversideShout out to my all my brothers for the time we’ve had & the memories we’ve created. Alpha Beta always.
Riverside ChapterKaveh FarahanchiRiversideWithout Delta Chi, I would not be pursuing my dreams and be who I am today without all my brothers. I love every last one of them!!
Zachary SclarJacob SclarRutgersZachary Sclar, my brother, was also a fraternity man before I was. When I was at my lowest point during my time in college, he advised me to join the brotherhood of a lifetime. Thanks for helping me forge strong friendships and have fun stuff to do while in college, bro.
Kieran KellyMichael LombardiRutgersMade a very great d chi environment for everyone even during covid
Zach FranckowiakDavid MantiplySan AntonioZach was the reason I became a member, once I was initiated Zach showed me what fraternity done right looks like. My son was born during my recruitment and Zach made sure to stay in contact with me the entire time I was in and out of the hospital. That really made an impression on me, he showed me how this group of men was special and truly loved one another.
David MantiplyLuis PerezSan AntonioDavid is my Big Brother. David has helped me grow professionally and personally. Without David, I do not know how we would have thrived as a chapter. David brings a lot of wisdom to the fraternity. He is more than my Big Brother, David is my friend and accountability partner. He has guided me through the process of being the ‘D’ and of being the ‘B’. We see each other frequently and work together on the betterment of the chapter constantly.
Divante HamiltonBrandon FortinoSan DiegoDivante has helped me realize my potential of being a leader. He is the reason why I was able to become part of the founding father class in the San Diego chapter as a sophomore in college. Without Divante’s optimism and reassurance, I would not have been a part of Delta Chi and I’m grateful that I’m a part of it today.
Kevin GeeChristopher NaddourSan DiegoFormer president of Delta Chi at San Diego State, took the liberty of personally introducing me to the Delta Chi chapter where I later I became a brother with. He is a close personal friend of mine that has devoted a lot of time and energy into growing the Chapter and bringing lots of joy and fulfillment to the members of the fraternity.
Trey ThesenvitzBenjamin ScaturroSouth Dakota StateWithout his help with that, several things in my life would not have been able to fall into place like they have. He has been a good friend and someone I was proud to serve as vice president when he was our president. Thanks for everything.
Dom LecesseMatthew BentonSpring HillGreat friend and roommate.
Matt PintoZachary StewartSpring HillHe was able to get me on the right track in college, I was originally a failing student. He put me on the path to success, gave me the right mindset, and has always been there for me when I needed help.
Dennis TannerMichael HazzaradTempleHe is one if many of the guys in my colony who have made my senior year more enjoyable
Cole CaressDawson MadlenaTexas TechHe was a great leader of our fraternity that led by example.
Gilberto MendozaFranklin MendozaTowsonMy grandpa gave me the strength and motivation to become the first one in my family to complete a 4-year degree. He showed me that hard work, dedication and a lot of sacrifices everything is possible.
Darren TalbertSam Basham & Anthony NguyenTowsonABT President and advisor of founding father. Supported me through my President term.
Rich KrugerPayton JohnsonTri-State#1 pin of our chapter, very influential and involved in our chapter
Jacob TjardsWilliam PlattTri-StateJacob Tjards became my Little in the spring of 2020. I don’t have a biological brother, but since then Jacob has essentially become my actual little brother. He’s not only a really good friend but also constantly pushes me to be a better version of myself. These last two years with him have been incredible, and I can’t wait to see where our relationship goes from here.
Jacob HamblenJoshua McCallumTri-StateHe was one of the funniest guys in the house. Always a charismatic guy and was there when you needed him. He’s also been a great alumni as well and continues to help the chapter when he can.
Riley KatsevQuin BlankenshipTruman StateRiley Katsev was the risk manager, president, and my personal big brother. He is a good friend and mentor and was an excellent role model on how to be a better Delta Chi and person.
Steven HaarmannJackson ElderTruman StateAs my AMC, Steve showed me the ropes. He was able to treat me like a brother from day one and illustrate what being a good person and a Delta Chi was. Without Steve, I’m not sure where I would be. His honesty, candor, appreciation, and passion is the reason I’ve become who I am today. Steve showed us all compassion and consideration regardless of circumstance. I am forever grateful to Steve and to Delta Chi.
Keoni NewmanAdan ViguerasUNLVKeoni invited me to meet the brothers the first day I moved to the dorms and helped me get an internship and job after graduation
Greg CaufmanKolby PartinVirginia TechExcellent mentoring and leadership ability and really showed me what it’s like to put something first.
Greg CaufmanZesar BenitezVirginia TechHe was our advisor and helped our fraternity grow and become respected around campus.
Brian FlynnNikitas DavisWest ChesterThey were the push I needed to get involved in Greek life. They gave me the confidence to join a fraternity while making my membership memorable.
Jack LeHereuxJacob ScherWhitewaterHe was my big. We had talks about life and he was there for me for three years throughout my years at Delta Chi.
Quinn ReileySean MurphyWilliam & MaryIncredible mentor and man, one of my Associate Member Counselors freshman year. Taught us about what it means to be a Delta Chi and so much more.
Aaron OttoBrenden TorresWilmingtonThe International President has inspired me personally for the rest of my life to achieve greater things than I have previously and to never be satisfied. He’s shown me what it is to be a Delta Chi, now and forever. I am forever grateful for the lifetime of wisdom he has shared with me.
Garrett ShermerThomas ParmiterWilmingtonHe has always been an amazing brother and great friend, he has been there at my best and worst and i wouldn’t have made it this far without him.
Hogan VeseratDaniel MeyerWisconsinEncouraged me to do difficult things